Simplify Your Life

When it comes to living a quality life you need to live and focus in the moment, we are living in. Also, we are most of the time processing the next thing/task that we need to get done. Making things complicated will only increase kiosk in life, since as moms we already have so much … Read more

My Home Management System

I strongly believe in the home management system since the day I have started practicing it myself. I assume it is the most underrated organization technique which many women do not know about. And even if they know they do not practice since they might be thinking that creating these lists into planner is more … Read more

Why Bullet Journal?

Daily working on the same household chores and other home responsibilities, made me loose focus on myself and the other important things that needed to be taken care off. Like paying the bills, doctor visits, maintenance, license renewal, etc. Also, after exhausting myself after these chores, then I use to spend some time on social … Read more