Why Bullet Journal?

Daily working on the same household chores and other home responsibilities, made me loose focus on myself and the other important things that needed to be taken care off. Like paying the bills, doctor visits, maintenance, license renewal, etc. Also, after exhausting myself after these chores, then I use to spend some time on social media or on Netflix just to feel good and relax a bit. But never understood when those minutes turned into hours. Because of this I was not very productive. Ultimately, I felt lost in life.

I then understood I need a solution for this. So, I searched a bit on how to not feel lost or get carried away. Also, how to have a life with purpose. It was then I came across the bullet journal. I had heard of it before, but never took it seriously.

Then I thought of trying it out.


Women need it, Why?


Now, I have a bullet journal since 3 months and ladies, I can’t stress enough why you need a bullet journal.

Let me tell you about myself. I am a housewife and a mom. My responsibilities start from the minute I open my eyes in the morning.

And in the middle of that I have to go out to do the other needful things like dropping off my kid to the school or getting something from the grocery store.

When I come back and look into the mirror, I look like a crazy person. Trust me, I am not lying. I did not like to see myself in the mirror anymore. I couldn’t even recognize the person I am looking to.

Whenever I got out, I saw other mothers looked so effortlessly composed. I couldn’t understand that how can they look so good in the middle of the morning kiosk? How do they get time for selfcare and look all the time presentable? And why do I look like this?

Then I took a pen and paper and wrote down what all I have to look after:

  1. Home
  •  Availability of Drinking Water,
  • Cook Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner,
  • Laundry,
  • Updating my Grocery once a month and Vegetables twice a week
  1. Cleaning
  • Toilets
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Room
  • Kitchen
  1. My Kid
  • His school
  • his homework
  • his breakfast
  • dropping him and picking him up
  • feed him meals
  • make him sleep, etc.

And trust me these are just the outlines.

A lot of work involves in managing the home. And while doing it I tend to forget doing a lot of tasks like servicing my scooty, ironing my clothes or kid’s clothes, cleaning a messy closet which makes me angry when I can’t the stuff I need on time.

Even if I am super organized with my stuff, when you have to run a house I understood that I need to have a system for my house too.

At the end of the day, I thought I was doing everything I could until I found the theory of Bullet Journaling.

When it comes to multitasking a bullet journal is just a savior


What is Bullet Journal and How it helped me?


The bullet journal was found by Ryder Caroll and published it online in 2013. You will get tons of information on bullet journal on the internet. I am just going to give you a gist of it.

Basically, bullet journal is a planner that includes the tasks, activities and responsibilities on a paper which declutters our mind and helps to be more focused, goal oriented and more productive.

My Monthly Calender Planner

As soon as I wrote down all my yearly, monthly and daily tasks. It just blew my mind to see how light and sorted I felt. It felt less exhausted after looking at all the tasks together in front of my eyes on the paper than in my own head. I could see the scheduled tasks on the upcoming  dates and it just helped me to see how much time I have in my hands for each task. And that prepared my mind to be productive in order to achieve the goal.

And being a multitasker, I could align my different tasks so that it won’t overlap with my kid’s school classes with my family function. I could see how my entire day or week is going to be. However, it helped me to be ready to face the day/week.

I made a monthly schedule for cleaning different rooms, wardrobes and corners of the house. I made yearly and quarterly bill schedule. I made another schedule for my son’s school activities. And many more.

Every morning I check these schedules and create my to do list for the day. And I won’t lie I completed my 95%-100% of the to do list in 3 months. Now I block my time to do the things that needs focus.

Everyday I am now prepared to do what is all on my way. I now don’t forget any bills to pay or school’s activity or cleaning any corner of my house. I do my skincare every Thursdays. I go to my skin doctor and do my salon visits regularly with the help of monthly schedules.

Also, my screen time have reduced by 95%. Now I have a morning and evening routine for myself. My morning routine helps me to use the blocked time to get a shower and finishing my chores by the time I have to drop off my kid to the school.

So, I am telling you after trying it myself. See we are so engrossed in our lives that we feel how am I ever going to maintain a journal. You can get bullet journal on amazon or make the planner as per your requirements. You can also make a whole Home Management Binder if you need one.

Well, you do you.  But trust me once you have built the contents of the journal as per your needs, its just going to take 10 minutes to make your day easier. I am very sure it is going to help you if you do it correctly and consistently follow it.


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