Simplify Your Life

When it comes to living a quality life you need to live and focus in the moment, we are living in. Also, we are most of the time processing the next thing/task that we need to get done.

Making things complicated will only increase kiosk in life, since as moms we already have so much on our plate.

It’s hard to be present in the moment when the mind is processing list of tasks that needs to be completed. For this, we need to keep our lives simple and make our tasks easy.

Also, have realistic expectation and understand your body and mind. Observe how much your body can take. Don’t over burden yourself with the tasks. But there are times that we have a lot in our hands which later gets overwhelming which makes us feel lost and end up forgetting or loosing quality.

Over the period of time, I have learned  where to put my energy. I have prioritized what is important for me. Thus, I keep my things super simple.


  1. Doing Lists

Making a to do list has changed my life. I have mentioned in the earlier blog also, that writing down things makes you a sorted person. Decluttering mind helps in better decision making and a stress free life.

Lists in any form adds a great help in your daily life. There are a number of lists like meal plan, grocery, cleaning schedule, decluttering schedule, weekly plan, monthly plan, etc. helps keeping your home in place without overwhelming.   

I have all these lists and I refer to them according to my need. I write my to do list at night before going to bed. I clear all my mind and then I spend some time with family and then go to bed. I feel assured that my next day is planned out and I know I am not missing anything. This makes my night routine relaxed.

  1. Declutter

Again, decluttering is something that I swear on. I constantly declutter my home areas. It helps to focus what is needed and ultimately helps you understand what you really want.

Keeping only those products or things that are needful helps your mind be stress free. Also, you are then prepared what item to use when you need one.

For example: If your wardrobe is full of clothes some of which are loose, some of them are tight and some are good for you. In this situation when you open the wardrobe you will consume more time in realizing what to wear that is of your fit.

Decluttering also makes you feel good when you know that there is no mess and you are surrounded by only things that you thoroughly want in your life.

  1. Choose easy

We all want everything in our lives. Be it a good body, healthy eating, a good home and a better version of you. But we are no wonder women to get all of it. ( And if you want it all you have to ask for help).

I am a mother and I have tones of things to do every day. I follow the time blocking schedule, still a lot of time I can’t do the extra thing that I want to do. Because at the end of the day I am tired and exhausted. This is when I understood that I need to make my life simple and easy.

I wakeup at 7am only when I really feel like waking up rather than following mothers 5 am morning routines out there. Understand your body and give the body some time to heal.  

I started having easy 20 minutes morning routines. I reduced my skincare and makeup products. I kept only essential and effective products that I really need on the daily basis. I started using easy food recipes. I started to keep my nails bare and cut frequently rather than apply nail polishes and maintaining them on monthly basis.

Making life easy and simple will help you accomplish more and add quality in life.

  1. Keep only the essentials

There is a difference in what you need and what I want.  As soon as we understand it life will automatically look beautiful.

In today’s time of social media and marketing we tend to buy many such things that we actually don’t need them. Be mindful about what you are purchasing. Ask yourself, do you really need it?

Because, things more than your need create mess. Keeping only the essentials improves quality of life.

  1. Be Content

When it comes to living simple, you have to stop getting excited about the trends. Instead, keep classic items which really make you happy. Choose quality over quantity.

Don’t get bothered by the social media, they are just marketing their products its you who has to be strong headed to not fall in the fascination of buying things you don’t need.

So, be content in what you have. Be confident about your choices. Believe in your choice of living. Understand why you wanted simple and easy life.

These are my 5 ways that made my life simpler than what it was before. I faced FOMO (fear of missing out). Now, when I look back I see much relived that I started this journey.

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